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So why have I listed these big–boned boys from Memphis right along side a couple of skinny kids from Philadelphia? Could these four be lost littermates? Well, litters do get scattered, and in some parts of the country disputes over BBQ or music have started feuds and divided families.

If I knew that the guys on the left could cook good BBQ, then this would be a no–brainer and no DNA test would be needed. But there are no BBQ recipes on Michael and Kevin Bacon’s web site and just liking (or lovin’) BBQ doesn’t count.

Good music and good food seem to go hand–in–hand or is that hand–to–mouth–and–ear. Regardless, these are definitely four strips of sizzelin’ bacon! And while the right ones’ pit-crews and the others’ roadies could probably argue the point all night, I think that come morning you’ll probably find the same bacon grease staining the tablecloths and the fret boards…

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Red Hot & Blue Restaurants

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Restaurants, Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC. Follow the link above for locations, menue and other info. Multi-unit franchise development opportunities are available!

Bacon Brothers Official Site

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