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Since 2003, Chris Bishop, the creator of the web comic HER! [GIRL VS PIG] has invited readers to create their own Guest Strips for his birthday — September 8th — which he would then post on line. The result is one big litter with four years of progeny.

2006 was Chris’ 30th birthday, and I created four strips for the event. I worked up some story ideas, copied a selection of strips off the HER! [GIRL VS PIG] site, butchered them up in Photoshop and put them back together as comic ‘sausage’ strips ala Porkopolis.

About the time Chris had promised to post all the 2006 Guest Strips, his life got extra busy. He suggests it was work and bills. I’m thinking maybe a (real) Girl was also involved — one who broke his heart and his futon… Anyway the Guest Strips for 2006 never got posted and new installments of HER! [GIRL VS PIG] slowed up, and then stopped after 5/03/07.

So, here are my four submissions. These are my stories, done in the spirit of HER! [GIRL VS PIG], with Chris’s own copied art work, gently adapted by me. And, littermate status is confirmed. If you’re uncertain, then do a blood test, there’s plenty of it here…

her 30 years!
her 30 years! By: Dan Schultz [Porkopolis.org]

her time!
her time! By: Dan Schultz [Porkopolis.org]

her skeet!
her skeet! By Dan Schultz [Porkopolis.org]

her avengers!
her avengers! By: Dan Schultz [Porkopolis.org]

More information:

Many appreciative fans hope HER! [GIRL VS PIG] is just on hiatus and that Chris will eventually feel compelled to create more new strips. You can check out the HER! Archive and Chris’ other work from the links below.


HER! [GIRL VS PIG] is a web comic first published online by Chris Bishop in 2002. Gratuitously, beautifully, joyfully violent, this is the classic struggle of girl vs. pig. The comic features two characters: a girl named “The Girl” and a pig named “The Pig.” The Girl is a curious blonde who always wears a red dress and white sox. The Pig is pink and always wears sunglasses. Over the course of each four–panel strip, The Girl and The Pig are involved in interactions where they usually end up inflicting violence of some sort on one another.

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop is a Washington, DC based painter, illustrator, cartoonist and web designer for pbskids.org. Chris is known for his ‘Pretty Girls and Robots’ paintings, images of humping unicorns and the comic strip HER! [GIRL VS PIG].

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