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Considerations of humanity and hogritude, because an insufficiency of pigs is one of the great faults of all that the gods have made manifest to man.

pig Latinized “Lorem Ipsum”

The quest for the ultimate English to pig Latin translator is finally over! Now, your HTML and XHTML testing pages can have the impact of Latin with a fraction of the trouble! You can also spruce up your resume or impress your friends and co-workers with your use of pig Latin in poetry, calculus, politics and even sex. Below is a pig Latinized sample of Lorem Ipsum is provided for your editing convenience:

Oremlay ipsumyay:


Oremlay ipsumyay olorday itsay ametyay, onsectetuercay adipiscingyay elityay. Edsay itaevay eolay inyay iamday empersay orttitorpay. Ullamnay idyay augueyay. Aecenasmay atyay acuslay isquay islnay auctoryay imperdietyay. Integeryay incidunttay acinialay elitvay. Uspendissesay aretraphay. Uisday ariusvay. Ellentesquepay abitanthay orbimay istiquetray enectussay etyay etusnay etyay alesuadamay amesfay acyay urpistay egestasyay. Oinpray ullamcorperyay aretraphay uruspay. Ullanay itaevay ortortay. Etiamyay acinialay ictumday anteyay. Ullamnay oremlay igulalay, incidunttay isquay, empustay etyay, osuerepay idyay, isusray. Uncnay itaevay elitvay euyay estyay anditblay iverravay. Uisday osuerepay onguecay ectuslay. Urabiturcay isusray. Uspendissesay accumsanyay olutpatvay agnamay.

See the usefulness? Here is a text file with more available for download.

The actual pig-Latinized text is courtesy of Pig-hEaDIT, a pig Latin translator from Jon Vote at Idioma Software. Pig-hEaDIT for Windows is a total solution to your pig Latin needs.

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