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SlipKnot and The PC Pig

SlipKnot was how I first accessed the ‘graphical’ web in the mid-1990s and The PC Pig was one of the first sites I found there.

— Daniel E. Schultz

SlipKnot Web Browser


First published in 1994, SlipKnot was the world’s first graphical web browser for PC-Windows 3.1 users with ordinary dial-up Unix shell accounts. It did NOT require SLIP or PPP or any form of TCP/IP services. SlipKnot used Lynx, in the background, as its delivery mechanism, but delivered the document in full graphical form to the user. This put an end, helped by another little program called Netscape Navigator v1.0, of the need for using terminal–based software for text–only browsing.

The SlipKnot program was created at MicroMind, Inc. by Peter Brooks, Founder and President. It was the winner of the Ziff-Davis Award for “Best Shareware Communications Program of 1995” and was Runner-up for their “Best Overall Shareware Program of 1995.”

Thanks, Peter!

PC Pig

PC Pig web site

I miss the “Exploited Pig Links,” “Pig Sounds,” John Rochford’s Resume and all the rest. John’s great efforts at maintaining this free and non-profit pig site are fondly remembered by many cyber pig fans of the 1990s.

I still stumble on an occasional link to the PC Pig on outdated web pages, and we still click on it in the unlikely hope that John will someday resurrect the PC Pig. John Rochford currently works as Director of Technology for the New England INDEX and Web Administrator for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Thanks, John!

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