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Considerations of humanity and hogritude, because an insufficiency of pigs is one of the great faults of all that the gods have made manifest to man.

WordPress 3.0 Pigged

I am continually grateful that knowledgeable hard-working people take their personal time to create tutorials, detailed posts, and instructional articles that help total strangers succeed.

the Porkopolis.org editor

Wordpress Pigged

Today, Porkopolis.org has upgraded to the newest version – 3.0 – of WordPress. This is after a phenomenal 3,000,000 other folks, and an undetermined number of pigs, have already done so since the June 17th release date.

Porkopolis.org initially added a blog section in 2008, powered by WordPress and in 2009 I converted the entire Porkopolis.org site over to a CMS powered by WordPress with a theme adapted from the Sandbox.

WordPress gives its users deep flexibility and empowerment, belied by overt simplicity and intuitiveness. Is that a compliment? Well, yes! My admiration for this creation is extreme. Bravo Matt and all the 218 WordPress contributors!

And, as I have said before about maintaining Porkopolis.org, I have had some help… Everything I know I learned from some very clever folks – Sages and Pilgrims – who have written books or web-based instructions that have been my education.

And I must also credit the WordPress disciples who fueled all my recent cajiggering by creating themes, plug-ins, widgets and scripts that they were willing to share.

Thank you all! You are the fittest hogs at the trough. With your help I remain true to the Circean Muse’s honor and the web continues to be less a Paris and more a Porkopolis.

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