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Life that roots like a snout

Life that roots like a snout - a New Year wish for 2015

My body is reluctantly dragged ever forward by a life that roots like the snout leading some powerful hog. Under contract of carriage we plunge ahead with seldom a pause. Life and the hog know exactly where we are going. By chance, truffles, but I know the terminal where this delivery is dispatched. That’s why I delay.

— Daniel E. Schultz, living the life of a swineherd as editor and curator at Porkopolis.org

Wishing all a Happy New Year and a snout full of joy and wonder for 2015.


  1. A happy and joyous new year to you and yours, Daniel. I am very grateful for the daily entertainment and wisdom you provide with Porkopolis and look forward to another year of fun and instruction. Your work has done wonders to increase my fascination with all things porcine.

    Warmest regards,


    1. Donald, at the risk of sounding like Wayne and Garth, the pigs and I would like to say “We’re not worthy!!!” of your praise… But actually, entertainment, wisdom, fun and instruction, yea, that’s _exactly_ what we were trying to achieve.

      Thank you, and root on, my friend.


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