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Den of Pigs

Here is a favorite scene – Den of Pigs – from the film Mail Order Wife (2004).

This is a darkly comic mockumentary film about a documentary film maker who arranges to fund the East Asian mail-order wife of a N.Y.C. doorman in exchange for the right to film the experience.

The documentarian unwittingly gets a bit too involved with his subjects and twists and turns abound as a tragi-comic love triangle develops where all is not what it seems.

This comedy’s brilliance is in its subtlety, as the actors develop their characters while never really letting on that anything is particularly wrong or comedic.

This clip features: many pigs, the mail-order wife, Lichi (Eugenia Yuan), and the voice of Andrew (Andrew Gurland), the documentary film maker.

Mail Order Wife (2004)
R | 92 min | Comedy | February 2005 (USA)
Producers: Doug Liman and David Bartis
Directors: Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland
Writers: Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland
Stars: Adrian Martinez, Roland Uruci, Andrew Gurland, Eugenia Yuan.

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Mail Order Wife - poster

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