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Considerations of humanity and hogritude, because an insufficiency of pigs is one of the great faults of all that the gods have made manifest to man.

Dreams and the dawn

Some necessary consolation is found in the distances of slumber. Dreams are the lens through which our day’s endeavors are dissected. Each night, the mind marshals and mines a virtual library of our past circumstances toward that goal.

Do our dream’s determinations have to be learned from or followed through on? If so, perhaps we should expect occasional long delays. For subsequent days are blind dates with circumstance. Our past endeavors will resolve and pass away into the vastness of the library of the mind.

Dreams and the dawn

In the dawning when the world is deserted
And the spiders are sleeping,
People, dogs and the wind are sleeping,
The pig grunts and it grows light.
I wish to converse with the pigs.

Pablo Neruda, (1904-1973)

And ultimately, our determinations fade away, as do the lazy afternoon indiscretions of swineherds and their swine. Neither swine nor their herder fully comprehend the transformation of their past resolve.

Rather, they delight each day instead in their sanction to both find their way by moonlight and to see the dawn before the rest of the world.

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