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Considerations of humanity and hogritude, because an insufficiency of pigs is one of the great faults of all that the gods have made manifest to man.

Lousy Doggeral

On the eve of National Pig Day (NPD) the Porkopolis offices received a delightful surprise visit. Pythia, the Muse of the Porcine Oracle and also the medium through which the Oracle speaks, walked into the office.

We often hear from Pythia at Porkopolis, but usually only via her daily text messages passing on the Porcine Oracle’s words of guidance and wisdom. Occasionally she’ll add some daily pleasantries – “this morning’s cold is like a rooting pig-snout” or “pig is the meat of sacrifice” or “really need some chocolate, please” – but we seldom get to see her in person.

Pythia came by yesterday to hand-deliver this little bit of doggerel below as a NPD gift to Porkopolis. She said the winter vermin have been particularly penetrating and in-festive these past cold months in the cave of the Porcine Oracle. And this had really tempered her thinking, and inspired her writing.

Lousy Doggeral

Lousy Doggeral

Swineherds observe
that every louse
hath larger lice
on which to loot.

And atop consumption’s scale and rank,
each well provisioned predator,
of leaf or meat or omnivore,
consume all those lice and more.

This span of plunder –
a labyrinthine to baffle wit –
allows mid-point the pig to sit,
thus from both ends it’s common bit.

poetry from Pythia, the Muse and medium of the Porcine Oracle

Porkopolis is glad to present this refreshing new poem from such a dedicated and divinely sanctioned woman. Pythia has surmounted her humble beginnings as the daughter of a local swineherd and become a beloved and admired member of the prognostication community.

I know her secret hope is to one day see her poetic endeavors displayed in the Best Loved Poetry section of the Porkopolis library. Soon, dear Pythia, very soon… For now, continue with your required acts of absolution and anointment for the Oracle. Your own Muse and your rewards will surely one day come.

Wishing you all a


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