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Whoopee in the Cushion

Here is JD Ruse and the Little Big Band recorded live at the Corner Room with special guests, The Three Little Pigs. The quartet are performing John Donoghue’s song “Whoopee in the Cushion” about one of life’s nagging mysteries: Where does fun come from?

Additional information:

  • JD Ruse and the Little Big Band are also a part of the Wild Hog in the Woods band. “Whoopee in the Cushion” and many other videos are on YouTube at: wildhojginthewoods.
  • And, because I know you want some to make your own Whoopee… Real latex squeaky pigs like these can be bought at your local pet store. Yea, they’re dog toys. Or find them on Amazon | here | here | and | here |. For foot pedal accessories, start | here | here | and | here |.

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