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This is a personal post to salute the one-year-shy milestone birthday of my son-in-law, Jeff, this Saturday. In his honor this image:

DJ Killin - DaBoonDox

will appear at the bottom of any and all pages viewed here at Porkopolis for the next few days.

Jeff is a great husband and father, a hardworking fellow at his day job, a rockin & hoppin party DJ on weekends and (can’t you guess?) a very appreciated son-in-law.

Jeff is also a Hip Hop artist. DaBoondox is a multi-cultured hip hop group made up of the tag team duo of Jeff Killin (DJ Killin) & Troy Napier (MC Mayhem).

Jeff and Troy are Hip Hop vets of over 20 years, and are aficionados of diverse musical styles. The music of DaBoonDox and their friends in many other local and regional bands really bridges the gap of contemporary musical differences without anger or antagonism.

Here’s hoping that Jeff will be out for a while on Saturday, “Drinkin Wit Friends” (eh, responsibly…) and home early enough to kiss his girls goodnight!

This is “BEANS”, a track form the 2012 DaBoonDox CD UNORTHODOX – jis a lil sumthin they had to say to the Corporate Machine…

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