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The private collection of is my own personal collection of art works that I admire and have been fortunate enough to procure.

This collection was built up over nearly fifty years of porcine appreciation. And since I do not presently have a public venue available to display these works, I have opted for an on-line exposition of some of my special favorites.

Also, sometime in the future I will begin to put my collection of works by the snoutstanding and enigmatic Pigaleo Pigcasso on view here. A special exposition is now being planned.

Porker Board Squared

Capt. Xavier FroniusUnited States, (b. 1921)

  • Porker Board Squared
  • (1995), oil on canvas
  • This is the centerpiece the Porkopolis Art Museum. The original hangs in the reception room of the Porkopolis offices in Palenburg, OH.

Blue Pig

  • Blue Pig
  • (1967), oil on canvas
  • Cap said: “I been haunted my whole life by dreams ‘n visions of this damn Blue Pig… I decided ta’ paint the pig jis’ like I saw it, sort’a bring it into reality and then say ‘Shoo!’ “

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