A Trespass of Swine

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Considerations of humanity and hogritude, because an insufficiency of pigs is one of the great faults of all that the gods have made manifest to man.


Critical observation, discussion and commentary on works of popular entertainment and scholarship.

Dan reading Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web is a beloved children’s story about a little girl who lives on a farm and falls in love with a runt pig she names Wilbur. The pig is also befriended by a spider named Charlotte, who is determined to save Wilbur from slaughter.


It was with particular interest that I noticed how last week’s episode of $#*! (Bleep) My Dad Says on CBS television mentioned a pig that willingly went to slaughter.

Pigs Parachute into Pimlico

We’ve always been English and we’ll always be English; and it’s precisely because we are English that we’re sticking up for our right to be Burgundians! Mrs. Pemberton (played by […]

Pig of Happiness

Even if happiness forgets about the pig a little bit, the pig never completely forgets about happiness.

Vitruvian Swine and Flying Pigs – Redux

The image of the Vitruvian Swine idled in my imagination for several years before it debuted on Porkopolis.org. I have since discovered that many other folk have independently arrived at a similar conception of da Vinci and the swine. None of these have appealed to my inner oinkeological nature so much as the swine at Matt Buck’s Hack web site.

A random image of a pig, hog, boar or swine from the collection at Porkopolis.