The Courtiers of Circe

an art exhibition featuring Circe and pigs

circe exhibit1a The Courtiers of Circe

…then instantly She touched them with a wand and shut them up In styes, transformed to swine in head and voice, Bristles and shape, though still the human mind Remained in them.
— The Odyssey of Homer, translated by William Cullen Bryant, (1871).

Why that transformation of men to pigs? Why the assortment of lovers and courtiers in swinish form, dazed and bewildered with their newly implanted blood, yet retaining their human recollections?

In literature and art, Circe has probably generated more reaction and replication than any other character in Homer’s Odyssey.

Here are eight centuries of paintings and poetry from Medieval times to the present – a flavor of the diversity in interpretations of Circe’s role as an allegory of the timeless vagaries and inconsistencies of sexual and amorous relationships.

This exhibition is the first at to combine art and poetry into a celebration of the the pig. These artists and poets have investigated some of the mysteries of Circe – a goddess, a mistress and a pragmatic and sensual woman searching for a proper lover.

Artists, Poets & Circe

Here is a detailed alphabetical list of all the
Pig Artists on Circe
an art exhibition from the Porkopolis Art Museum.

Here is a detailed alphabetical list of all the
Pig Poets on Circe
a poetry collection from the Porkopolis Library.

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