O Pig! O Canada!

The Pig Poetry of Canada

O Pig! O Canada!

  Are like gods.

 from: ‘Pigs’ by Canadian poet Michael Oliver

Here is a detailed alphabetical list of all
the Canadian Pig Poets
in the Porkopolis library.

A Special Note from the Editor

I am not qualified as a literary critic nor am I a scholar. I am just a humble swineherd, aspirant bibliophile and citizen of the USA. Therefore, I imagine the legitimacy of my presentation of the Pig Poetry of Canada could be rightly questioned.

Before such concerns result in the casting of aspersions on the poets collected here and their fine works, I would mitigate matters to the best of my ability with a few unpretentious facts.

This collection grew from my interest in pigs & poetry, and from my willingness and devotion to do the research required. Using all the skills of a keeper of swine, I have endeavored to show no bias, nor make any analytic or critical determinations in assembling this poetry collection.

I also wish to list my few Canadiana qualifications for this project.

  • I was present and quite festive for the 100th anniversary celebrations of the town of Bancroft, Ontario in 1979.
  • I can discuss, in an accommodating manner, the merits of the 1960 Ford Frontenac.
  • I can make the proper application of the modifier Canada to the words goose and geese.
  • And, I have experienced (3rd hand, by good luck) that quintessentially Canadian travelers’ experience – the collision of an auto with a moose.

The depth and diversity of this collection is the result of my own diligent rooting efforts. Efforts tempered by my level of access to materials, and inspired by the aide and suggestions of poets who gave permission to use their works and literary professionals who suggested the works of others. I thank you all!

Ford Frontenac

This is a presentation for enjoyment, and is a stepping stone to scholarship. Please enjoy and root on in whichever direction these fine poetic works compel you.

Thank you for visiting, and please drive safely,

 Dan Schultz

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