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Root, read and redeem… Our Reading Room has useful materials for making the web less of a Paris and more of a Porkopolis.

Here you have old and new hog lore from above and below the fold, gathered up, rectified and arranged in alternate streaks of fat and lean.

The works presented here are for the benefit of reflective hogs and humans, so that you may occasionally resign from the herd, relax and think for yourself.

Hazel Lavery, Milwaukee Pigs and the Fight for Irish Freedom
by Hay Machine (e)
Could Irish Freedom today somehow be connected to pork production in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the late eighteen hundreds?

Swine of the Times, the making of the modern pig
by Nathanael Johnson
An article about pig sex and the troubled intersection of humans and nature (or more accurately: the trouble that arises from acting as if a separation is really there in the first place).

Farm Tales
by C.J. Mouser
Absorbing stories of pig farming, everyday life, and raising kids and livestock in rural Florida.

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