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The “occasional” Reprint Series of is a collection of significant, but difficult to find, pig-themed print materials.

Selections presented here have qualified because I believe them to be interesting, enjoyable or informative to readers, while my own difficulty in originally rooting them out suggested they needed better exposure.

Available Reprints

The Expositor; or Many Mysteries Unravelled
by William F. Pinchbeck
Published in 1805, this was the first book length expose of conjuring tricks written by a professional magician and published in the United States. It provided readers with explanations and printed instructions for the creation and performance of many marvels then popularly in use by conjurers, illusionists and showmen, including how to create a Learned Pig.   *   also available as a PDF   *  
series #: 01.1805.05.01
by Tobe Hodge
Originally published in 1887, this is a humorous account of the Razor-back hogs then native to West Virginia. It was written by Charles McIlvaine (1840–1909) who used Tobe Hodge as a pseudonym in his works. McIlvaine commonly wrote in an approximation of the rural West Virginia dialect and/or caricaturing that part of the United States. This reprint is available only in PDF format.
series #: 02.1887.01.01


No attempt is made here to claim any of these works as original content created by I have included credit to the original authors and print sources for these works and I believe no material still under copyright is in use here. If you are an author or publisher with copyright claims, please contact me to discuss removal of your work.

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