Hacker, Arthur

British, (1858-1919)

  • Arthur Hacker - Circe
  • Circe

  • (1893), rotogravure
    of original oil on canvas
  • Private collection

  • Arthur Hacker - The Farm Girl
  • The Farm Girl

  • (ndg.), oil on canvas
  • Private collection

About the Artist

Arthur Hacker (1858-1919) was a British painter of portraits, genre, and allegorical, religious, ancient history and mythological painting.

In his career he changed his painting style several times. Beginning with a variety of Pre-Raphaelite , symbolist, poetic-rustic, and simple genre themes, he later turned to atmospheric studies of London streets and works based on his travels to exotic locations in Spain, Gibraltar and North Africa. Finally, he was a portraitist, painting various of his peers, society portraits and those with artistic connections. [DES-01/11]

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