Spranger, Bartholomäus

Flemish, (1546–1611)

  • Bartholomäus Spranger - Odysseus and Circe
  • Odysseus and Circe

  • (1580/1585), oil on canvas
  • 28.4 x 42.5 in. (72 x 108 cm.)
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • Editor’s Note:

    Here is a close up of the pig/boar:

    Bartholomäus Spranger - pig in Odysseus and Circe

About the Artist

Bartholomäus Spranger (1546–1611) was a Flemish Mannerist painter, draughtsman, and etcher. After early artistic training in Antwerp, he traveled to Paris and then on Italy. Pope Pius V appointed him court painter in 1570. He was then summoned to Prague by Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1581 and appointed court painter where he stayed in that position until his death. Rudolf also arranged a wealthy marriage for him, and his house was a center for artists in Prague. [DES-01/11]

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