Moll, Constanze

Austria, (fl. 2009)

  • Constanze Moll - Circe
  • Circe

  • (2009), illustration
  • from:
    Metamorphoses (2009)
  • Editor’s Note:

    Moll’s Metamorphoses (2009) was her Final Major Project in the 3rd year of university. She came up with the concept, did the illustrations, and designed and bound the book using modified Japanese binding.

    A reimagining of the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses (8 AD), Moll explains that her book “deals with the under- and misrepresentation of the epic’s female characters, who are portrayed as either disempowered or mad, frequently even monstrous. It’s a reinterpretation of these twelve stories, and an attempt at reappropriation.”

About the Artist

Constanze Mol (fl. 2009) is an illustrator based in Austria where she graduated from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. [DES-02/11]

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