Saftleven, Cornelis and Herman

Dutch, (1607-1681) and (1609-1685)

  • Cornelis Saftleven - The Temptation of St. Anthony
  • The Temptation of St. Anthony

  • (ndg.), oil on panel
  • 20.4 x 16.7 in. (51.7 x 42.5 cm.)
  • The Bowes Museum, England
  • Editor’s Note:

    ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony’ above was painted solely by Cornelis, while the etching of ‘The Porcher’ shown below was a collaboration of Cornelis and Herman.

  • Cornelis and Herman Saftleven - The Porcher
  • The Porcher

  • (ndg.), etching
  • 8.4 x 10.5 in. (21.4 x 26.6 cm.)
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • Editor’s Note:

    The term porcher in French means pig-keeper or swineherder.

About the Artist

Cornelis Saftleven, (1607-1681), was a painter, engraver and draftsman. He excelled at painting animals and often portrayed animals as active characters, occasionally with a hidden allegorical role. He also often painted satirical pictures of animals dressed and acting like theologians and jurists.

Herman Saftleven, (1609-1685), was a painter, engraver, etcher and the younger brother of Cornelius. With his brother, Cornelius, he began producing portraits and genre scenes of peasants and landscapes with sheep and cattle grazing and then stable and barn interiors.

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