Trotti, Giovanni Battista

Italy, (1555-1619)

  • Giovanni Battista Trotti - Circe restituisce la forma umana ai compagni di Ulisse
  • Circe restituisce la forma umana ai compagni di Ulisse

  • [Circe returns the companions of Ulysses to human form]
  • (1610), fresco
  • Palazzo del Giardino, Parma

About the Artist:

Giovanni Battista Trotti, Italy (1555-1612), painter, architect and interior designer of the late-Renaissance period and major exponent of Cremonese Mannerism.

He was a pupil of Bernardino Campi and inherited his workshop where an impressive series of commissions in Cremona and the neighboring regions required many of his designs to be executed by pupils, but he signed the finished paintings.

Trotti was employed by the court of Parma, along with Agostino Carracci who found Trotti disagreeable on which account he gave him the name of “II Malosso” (bad bone). For his work as a designer for members of the Farnese family in Parma and the decoration of the Palazzo del Giardino (now Palazzo Ducale) he was awarded the title Cavaliere. [DES-11/14]

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