Malczewski, Jacek

Poland, (1854-1929)

  • Jacek Malczewski - Wspomnienie młodości
  • Wspomnienie młodości

  • [The memories of youth]
  • (1890), oil on canvas
  • 16.2 x 43.3 in. (41 x 110 cm.)
  • Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie

  • Jacek Malczewski - Świniopas
  • Świniopas

  • [The Swineherd]
  • (ndg.), oil on panel
  • 16.9 x 12.6 in. (43 x 32 cm.)
  • Private collection

  • Jacek Malczewski - Anioł i pastuszek
  • Anioł i pastuszek

  • [The Angel and the Shepherd Boy]
  • (1902), oil on canvas
  • 38.6 x 31.5 in. (98 x 80 cm.)
  • Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu

  • Jacek Malczewski - Portret Stanisława Bryniarskiego
  • Portret Stanisława Bryniarskiego

  • [Portrait of Stanislaw Bryniarskiego]
  • (1902), oil on canvas
  • 14.4 x 26.4 in. (36.5 x 67 cm.)
  • Private collection
  • Editor’s Note:

    Stanisław Broniewski (1915-2000) was a Polish economist, and hero of the Polish resistance movement in World War II German-occupied Poland. He held the position of Naczelnik, or Chief Scout, of the Scouting resistance of the Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego or ZHP (The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association) and was also Second Lieutenant of the Armia Krajowa (Home Army) during the Second World War.

  • Jacek Malczewski - Pokusa fortuny
  • Pokusa fortuny

  • [The Temptation of Fortune]
  • (1904), oil on cardboard
  • 11.6 x 17.9 in. (29.5 x 45.5 cm.)
  • Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu

About the Artist

Jacek Malczewski, Polish, (1854-1929). Malczewski is one of most famous painters of Polish symbolism. He is revered for his ability to successfully join the Realism of Courbet and the Barbizon school with motifs of Polish martyrdom.

Much of his work is saturated with deep and complex philosophical and psychological meaning, with subjects drawn from the narrative of Polish realities and myths, or referring to eternal subjects of the human condition such as death, patriotism and religion.

Malczewski crafted visually complex and technically excellent paintings, concrete and precise in their expression of his fantastic vision which can not be fully appreciated without puzzling out all the symbols and allusions.

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