Bourdichon, Jean

France, (1457-1521)

  • Jean Bourdichon - Pig-butchering
  • Pig-butchering

  • [from: The Great Book of Hours of Anne of Brittany]
  • (1500-08), tempera colors, gold leaf, and gold paint on parchment
  • National Library of France
  • Editor’s Note:

    Anne of Brittany, who ordered her book of hours from Jean Bourdichon, was the daughter of Duke Francis II of Brittany and Margaret of Foix. Upon her father’s death, she became sovereign Duchess of Brittany, Countess of Nantes, Montfort and Richmont and Viscountess of Limoges. She was married to two French kings, Charles VIII of France and his successor, Louis XII.

    Anne was a fierce defender of the Duchy of Brittany and was a patron of artists, musicians and poets and she instituted the Queen’s Maids of Honour at the French court.

About the Artist

Jean Bourdichon, France, (1457-1521). Jean Bourdichon, illuminator and painter was affiliated with the school of Tours and served as official court painter to four successive French kings: Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII, and François I.

Bourdichon was a pupil of the previous French Court painter, Jean Fouquet, from whom he drew much of his iconography and learned the principles of Italian Renaissance painting.

Although records of the time show he received commissions for as many as forty paintings in one year, only one of his panel paintings is known to survive and he is today known primarily from his work in manuscripts.

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