Chalon, Louis

French, (1866-1940)

  • Louis Chalon – Circe
  • Circe

  • (1888), oil on canvas
  • [this is a photogravure of the original]

About the Artist

Louis Chalon (1866-1940), was a French painter, illustrator, gold and silversmith and bronze sculptor. The themes of his paintings were mainly classically inspired. He also illustrated numerous books, including works by Balzac, Bobbaccio and Rabelais. Chalon’s illustrations appeared in the periodicals La Vie Parisienne, L’Illustration and Figaro Illustre.

Chalon’s sculpture focused on mythological subjects while many of his female subjects were femme-fleurs – women symbolizing flowers. Chalon primarily worked in bronze, producing small objects such as lamps, inkwells, vases and cloaks. [DES-01/11]

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