Leyden, Lucas van

Dutch, (1489/94-1533)

  • Lucas van Leyden - Temptation of Saint Anthony
  • Temptation of Saint Anthony

  • (c. 1509), oil
  • Musé d’Art Ancien, Brussels

About the Artist

Lucas van Leyden, Dutch, (1489/94-1533). His real name was Lucas Hugensz (also spelled: Jacobsz).

Van Leyden was an engraver and painter, mainly active in the city of his birth – Leiden. He is primarily known for his etchings and woodcuts as well as engravings. He is generally regarded as one of the finest engravers in the history of art.

As a painter, Van Leyden’s work is characterized by his vivid imaginative powers and his great skill as a colourist. He was a pioneer of the Netherlandish genre tradition.

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