Levy-Dhurmer, Lucien

French. (1865-1953)

  • Lucien Levy-Dhurmer - La magicienne Circé
  • La magicienne Circé

  • [The sorceress Circe]
  • (1897), pastel on paper
  • Private collection

  • Lucien Levy-Dhurmer - Cinq études de têtes de cochons
  • Cinq études de têtes de cochons

  • [Five studies of pig heads]
  • sheet from a hardcover sketchpad
  • (ndg.), blue Conté crayon on paper
  • 9.6 x 11.8 in. (22.9 x 30 cm.)
  • Musée du Louvre

About the Artist

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1865-1953) was a French painter and potter. Primarily known as a potter and innovator in ceramic shapes, techniques and glazes, he participated in the revival of the decorative arts at the end of the 19th century.

After 1896 he also exhibited pastels and paintings with an individual style and approach to color that suggested his familiarity with ceramic glazes. In paint and pastels he excelled at portraits, images of the female form and landscapes.

Levy-Dhurmer was active in the Symbolism movement (ca. 1880s-1910s) and he remains the foremost master of esoteric symbolism with techniques of evanescent, diffuse and hazy textures, faces that are vague, distant or mysterious and nudes that materialized in clouds of colors. [DES-01/11]

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