Master of the Harley Froissart

S. Netherlands or Bruges, (fl.1450-1475)

  • Master of the Harley Froissart - Hatted pig on stilts playing a harp
  • Hatted pig on stilts playing a harp

  • marginalia illustration for Harley 4379 f. 19v
  • (c. 1470-1472), parchment with colors and gold
  • British Library
  • Editor’s Note:

    This is a detail of a marginal painting of a female pig on stilts, wearing a conical hat and playing a harp. It is from the left-hand margin of a folio with the overall page subject being a joust between Pierre de Courtenay and Sire de Clary.

About the Artist

This is the eponymous manuscript of the Master of the Harley Froissart (fl.1450-1475), who is responsible for most of the miniatures in MSS Harley 4379-4380. Several times in this manuscript he worked in collaboration with the Master of the Vienna Chroniques d’Angleterre. The Vienna Master detailed trees, architecture and landscape while the figures were painted by the Harley Master. The Master of the Harley Froissart was from the S. Netherlands or Bruges and trained in the old traditions of Parisian illumination.

Harley 4379 is an individual manuscript, Book IV of Jean Froissart’s four book Chroniques. It was commissioned and executed for Philippe de Commynes, lord of Argenton (1447-1511), at this time one of the counsellors and courtiers of bibliophile Charles the Bold. It was originally produced as a single codex in Bruges between 1470 and 1472. This is the most fully illustrated of all the illuminated Chroniques. [DES-05/11]

Additional Information:

Thanks to Carl S. Pyrdum, III of Got Medieval for the tip on this work and on another bit of hatted pig marginalia by the [link id=’5897′] as well.

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