Master of Saint Ildefonse

Dutch, (fl. 1475-1500)

  • Master of Saint Ildefonse - The Virgin presenting the Chasuble to Saint Ildefonso
  • The Virgin presenting the Chasuble to Saint Idefonso

  • (c. 1475 – 1500), oil on panel
  • 65.8 x 90.6 in. (167 cm x 230 cm.)
  • Louvre
  • Editor’s Note:

    St. Anthony is dressed in Brown and standing to the right. Here is a close up of the pig at his feet:


About the Artist

Master of Saint Ildefonse, Dutch, (fl. 1475-1500). The Master of Saint Ildefonse was active in Bruges during the fourth quarter of fifteenth century. He was named after the most monumental work that can be ascribed to him, a triptych of the ‘Investiture of St. Ildefonse.’

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