Hyytinen, Nona

United States, (contemporary)

  • Nona Hyytinen - Circe and Odysseus
  • Circe and Odysseus

  • (ndg.), oil on canvas
  • 12 × 24 in. (30.5 x 61 cm.)
  • Artist’s possession

About the Artist

Nona Hyytinen (contemporary) is a U.S. a figurative oil painter and portraitist. She was educated at Saint Olaf College in history and ancient Greek literature (particularly the Homeric poems), at UW Eau Claire in life drawing, and at UW Madison in painting with oils.

Hyytinen’s work is often inspired by the romantic work of the nineteenth century British Pre-Raphaelites and most of my ideas for paintings come from literature and history and her Scandinavian heritage and childhood upbringing in northern Minnesota. [DES-04/12]

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