Palatinus Germanicus

Anonymous, Germany, (14th cent.)

  • Palatinus Germanicus - Herr Heinrich Hetzbold von Weißensee
  • Herr Heinrich Hetzbold von Weißensee

  • [Mr. Heinrich Hetzbold of White-lake]
    from: Codex Palatinus Germanicus 848, folio 228r
  • (c. 1305-1340), tempera colors, gold paint and ink on parchment
  • Heidelberg University Library
  • Editor’s Note:

    From Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg:

    “The style of the clothing that Mr. Heinrich Hetzbold seems to be wearing is that of a game warden or game keeper. The color combinations and heraldic symbols suggest he was from the area around the German towns of White-lake and Schoenstedt.”

About the Artist

Anonymous, Germany, 14th century. Palatinus Germanicus is well-preserved collection of illustrated medieval German literature. It has been studied in great detail and the text and illustrations have yeilded a wealth of historical information about the period.

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