McCampbell, Rachael

United States, (contemporary)

  • Rachael McCampbell - Circe & Odysseus: The Power of Dehumanizing Lust
  • Circe & Odysseus: The Power of Dehumanizing Lust

  • from : “Women in Mythology: The Power of the Feminine in Ancient Tales”
  • (2010), oil on canvas
  • 72″ w x 48″ (182.9 x 121.9 cm.)

About the Artist:

Rachael McCampbell, United States, (contemporary), grew up on a South Knoxville, Tennessee farm. She attended Maryville College before transferring to the University of Georgia for a B.F.A., Magna Cum Laude.

After earning her B.F.A., McCampbell moved to Florence, Italy, and worked for fashion designer Emilio Pucci. She later moved to New York to work for advertising illustrator Braldt Bralds. Here she also work in art galleries and attended The New School.

McCampbell studied in London for a year at Christie’s Auction House, then moved to Los Angeles and worked there for 24 years working in the art gallery world and as a commercial artist. McCampbell returned Tennessee in 2009, to the rural town of Leiper’s Fork outside Nashville, and works full time at her art. [DES-11/14]

Additional information:

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