Red Queen’s Elf

United States (fl. 2010)

  • Red Queen's Elf - Circe's Fangango
  • Circe’s Fandango

  • 2010)
  • Editor’s Note:

    Red Queen’s Elf describes this work as: “I present… Circe’s Fandango! All profits from the sale of this work will be donated to help wildlife and animals in honor of my recovery from the swine flu. For a while there it was just me with a starring role in Dances With Pigs.”

About the Artist

Red Queen’s Elf is a contemporary US artist and may be from San Antonio, Texas. She is the elf to the Red Queen because the queen had such a hard time keeping up with changes that she needed an elf… [DES-01/11]

Additional Information:

Portfolio of the Red Queen’s Elf

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