Beest, Sybrand van

Dutch, (1610-1674)

  • Sybrand van Beest - The Pig Market in the Hague
  • The Pig Market in the Hague

  • (1650), oil on panel
  • 35.1 x 48.1 in. (89 x 122 cm.)
  • Museum Bredius, The Hague

  • Sybrand van Beest - Pig Market near St Jacob's Church, the Hague
  • Pig Market near St Jacob’s Church, the Hague

  • (1668), oil on panel
  • 31.9 x 40.6 in. (81 x 103 cm.)
  • Royal Museum, Stockholm
  • Editor’s Note:

    In these views of Swiss pig markets we can see how it seems, from their clothing, even wealthy, high-status people went to the market themselves to select a pig.

About the Artist

Sybrand van Beest, Dutch, (1610-1674). Sybrand van Beest specialized in the tradition of richly peopled, topographically correct views of the city of the Hague.

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