Moon, Tammy Mae

United States, (fl. 2010)

  • Tammy Mae Moon - Circe offering her potion
  • Circe offering her potion

  • (ndg.), pastel on Wallis sanded paper
  • 12 ×18 in. (30.5 x 45.7 cm.)
  • Editor’s Note:

    In describing this work Moon says:

    Another Klimt inspired mythological piece. This is of the great witch/goddess of the Odyssey, Circe. In this I imagined the moment Odysseus comes and accuses Circe of turning his men into swine. Even with pigs at her feet I envision her being coy “How dare you accuse me of such a thing, here would you like a drink…”

    I always found it interesting that Odysseus stayed for three years with Circe even though he was in such a hurry to get back home to his wife. Maybe Circe was correct in trying to change him into a pig!

About the Artist

Tammy Mae Moon (fl. 2010) (who also goes by MoonSpiral) is a self-taught US artist and full-time wife and mother.

She has always been fascinated with history, myth, culture and our different perceptions of beauty. Her work explores our ideas of the feminine psyche and it’s connection to the natural world. [DES-01/11]

Additional Information:

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  1. During a self-gratifying Google search of myself I came across this. I am very honored to have my work on here on Porkopolis. Thankyou!


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