Raynaud, Théophile

France, (1583-1663)

  • Raynaud, Théophile - In Symbolicam S. Antonii magni Imaginem commentatio
  • frontispiece from Raynaud’s

    In Symbolicam S. Antonii…

  • (1659), woodcut
  • Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
  • Théophile Raynaudus. In Symbolicam S. Antonii magni Imaginem commentatio. Ghent: Bernard de Kerchove (1659).

About the Artist:

Théophile Raynaud (1583-1663) was a French Jesuit theologian and writer. Raynaud entered the Society of Jesus in 1602. He then taught grammar and humanities at Avignon, and philosophy and theology at Lyon and then for a time at Rome.

Raynaud was an erudite theologian and a writer of great fertility. There are 92 know works of his, covering almost the entire field of Catholicism. [DES-11/15]

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