Fella, Thomas

English, (fl. 1600)

  • Thomas Fella - Winter
  • Winter

  • an illustration of a pig butchering
  • from: A Booke of Diveirs Devices
    by Thomas Fella
  • (c. 1585-1622)
  • Folger Shakespeare Library
  • Editor’s Note:

    The epigram in the upper left of the image translates as:

    When carefull man hath carked [cared] all the yeare
    And sees how god hath prospered his encreasse [increase]
    He killes his swyne And minds to make good cheare
    To passe the tyme while winters Rage doth ceasse.

About the Artist

Thomas Fella, English, (fl. 1600). Emblems and epigrams were popular literary forms in early modern England. An emblem consists of an allegorical illustration and a motto, followed by a short poem (an epigram) which interprets the text and image and conveys the emblem’s moral message.

This fascinating book of emblems or “diverse devices” by Thomas Fella, possibly created more for personal use, contains many illustrations like the pig butchering shown here that reveal many details of typical period activities.

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