Soper, Thomas George

England, (1870-1942)

  • Thomas George Soper - Circe's Palace: 'Begone to your sty' cried the enchantress
  • Circe’s Palace: “Begone to your sty” cried the enchantress

  • (1912), lithograph
  • illustration from:
    Nathaniel Hawthorne. Tanglewood Tales, London: George Allen & Unwin ltd (1923)

  • Thomas George Soper - Watching the piglets
  • Watching the piglets

  • (c. 1912), etching
  • Private collection

About the Artist:

Thomas George Soper, England (1870-1942), was a print maker and etcher, as well as a painter and illustrator of books and periodicals.

Soper specialized in the activities of the rural environment and rustic scenes. He especially liked horses, particularly hauling ones, working country people and depictions of animals in motion.

Soper’s etchings are considered to be among the finest of their time. He was a regular exhibitor at the prestigious Royal Academy as well as being a full member of the Royal Engravers. [DES-11/14]

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