Tischbein, Wilhelm

German, (1751-1829)

  • Wilhelm Tischbein - Scenes from story of Odysseus and Circe
  • Scenes from story of Odysseus and Circe

  • (c. 1790-1800), etching printed in blue ink
  • 7.0 x 6.2 in. (17.7 x 15.7 cm.)
  • British Museum

About the Artist

Wilhelm Tischbein (1751-1829) was a German print maker; painter and draughtsman. Known as Wilhelm Tischbein or ‘Goethe’ Tischbein, his full name was Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.

His early career moved him between different cities in Germany and Holland, ending in Berlin, where he became a successful portraitist. Later, he moved to Zurich and then to Italy where he eventually became the director of the Naples Art Academy. [DES-02/11]

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