Barker, Wright

British, (1864-1941)

  • Wright Barker - Circe
  • Circe

  • (1904-1912), oil on canvas
  • 47 x 30 in. (119.3 x 76.2 cm.)
  • Private collection
  • Editor’s Note:

    Plate inscription is a quote from Pope’s Homer:

    Meanwhile the goddess in disdain bestows
    The mast and acorn, brutal food! and strows
    The fruits and cornel, as their feast, around;
    Now prone and grovelling on unsavoury ground.

About the Artist

Wright Barker (1864-1941) British painter and member of the Royal British Academy (R.B.A. ). He is know as John Wright Barker. He was a painter of genre, rural and sporting scenes, especially dogs, hunting, horses, highland cattle, and occasionally landscapes. Barker exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1891 to 1917, and at the Royal British Academy from 1897 to 1918. [DES-01/11]

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