Fronius, Capt. Xavier

United States, (1921-2013)

  • Capt. Xavier Fronius - Porker Board Squared
  • Porker Board Squared

  • (1995), oil on canvas
  • 37 x 37 in. (92 x 92 cm.)
  • Porkopolis Editorial Office, Palenburg, OH
  • Editor’s Note:

    Cap painted ‘Porker Board Squared’ at my request, after much cajoling and the promise of a grilled tuna dinner. I decided to make it the centerpiece our the Art Museum. The original hangs in the reception hall of the Porkopolis Art Museum in Palenburg, Ohio.

  • Capt. Xavier Fronius - Blue Pig
  • Blue Pig

  • 48 x 48 in. (122.9 x 122.9 cm.)
  • Porkopolis Museum of Art, Palenburg, OH
  • Editor’s Note:

    If you think you see a resemblance between George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog paintings and the above, best check out Lost Littermates – [link id=’129′ text=’Schweinhunt’].

About the Artist

Capt. Xavier Fronius, United States, (b. 1921). Our friend ‘Cap’ is a Roving Editor for, as well as an individual of egalitarian business pursuits. He is a self-avowed fence straddler and can often be heard admonishing us, “let’s just pick the low-hanging fruit first, gang!”

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