Reynolds, Alan

United States, (contemporary)

the pig who thinks in english

  1. The pig who thinks in English takes his ease
  2. and taps his trotters daintily on tiles
  3. that echo pleasantly while sun and breeze
  4. bring pleasure to him, teasing out those smiles
  5. he’s famous for among his litter mates.
  6. “What man is good for? There are many things.
  7. They bring us dinner morning, noon, and night.
  8. They track our pedigrees, record our weights
  9. and wear, as we do, ear and nasal rings.
  10. When alone, some like to warm our nights.
  11. What’s best? This fact, I think: it’s really neat
  12. how, if you close your eyes, they’re good to eat.”

© Alan Reynolds. Used with permission.
First printed in Möbius, other poems by Alan Reynolds at:

About the Poet

Alan Reynolds, US poet. Alan has been writing poetry since 1995 “after wanting to write for years and learning that what wanted to be written were poems.” Through reading and study and help from friends on CompuServe’s Poetry Forum, he one day found he had over 400 poems that he hadn’t “throw out.”

His work has appeared in Möbius, Poetic Express, and Euphoria, as well as other print-based and internet publications. Alan Reynolds currently lives near Amsterdam, Holland where he divides his time between consulting for information cost effectiveness and “trying to become the sort of poet who can write what I want to get said.” [DES-6/03]

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