Green, Craig D.

Canada, (contemporary)

Analogy of a Poem Forming called Pig

  1. ‘Pig’
  3. I can be doing something better than this
  4. the vowels shoveled into the thoughts
  5. the sentences darting around like
  6. children at musical chairs
  7. the Poem is Forming from my wet
  8. raining day, muddy
  10. It keeps me like a heroin
  11. atheist task, barnyard task
  12. i try to finish the words
  13. I think what you think about
  14. rhymes
  15. I block myself at a thought that would have
  16. filled fat the
  17. subject trough
  18. I would rather try smoke rings
  19. (two circles within a circle)
  20. or play at ‘eat without hands’
  21. but it needs itself, recycling itself
  22. garbage
  24. It is coming towards me
  26. I must be the solids carpenter
  27. or these wooden words (fenced in)
  28. must meet themselves without me
  29. or worse I try to be its reader
  31. nails and slipping on two toes
  32. The farmer and I hammer away at each other
  33. nothing comes from us
  34. victory or food
  36. the sleeping on sides
  37. the snotty crying
  38. the chains so
  39. delivered at the trucks curly tail gate
  40. I remember God, yours is the one that eats me.
  42. pig
  43. now that’s a word you throw at me with egg shells.
  45. and the poem is forged
  46. elsewhere
  47. and so it enters here
  48. as if no one else would have it
  49. in this sty.
  51. Pig

© Craig Green. Used with permission.

About the Poet

Craig D. Green, contemporary Canadian poet who treasures his privacy. [DES-7/13]

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