Wurm, Franz

Swiss, (1926-2010)


  1. noise in the air? ulysses
  2. doesn’t hear the sirens: he’s in the sty
  3. with circe. they yawn.
  4. their bodies just make ‘em puke.
  6. what’s left? words. they babble
  7. of troy that was, and of ithaca
  8. to come. and all the swine
  9. come in on the tune with their grunts.

Translated by Jeremy Adler
© Franz Wurm. First published in Ian Robinson’s literary magazine Oasis. No. 10, p. 69 (1974).

About the Poet

Franz Wurm (1926-2010) was a Swiss poet, writer and translator of French, Czech and English. [DES-11/10]

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