Walker, Gary E.

United States, (contemporary)

Driving Past 27 Pigs in the Middle of June With the Windows Open

  1. Pigs don’t care for bacon.
  2. I flash by, an orange blur to
  3. Pig-poor eyes, staring
  4. Blearily, thoughts
  5. Of sows, and slop and mud
  6. Percolating behind them.
  8. Unhurried pork on the hoof,
  9. Cloven (could Satan be a pig?) to
  10. Slog through mud and hay
  11. And yesterday’s pork product.
  12. Finally settling with porcine permanence,
  13. Piggy heads hatching no plots.

© Gary E. Walker, used with permission.
Morpo Review. Vol. 1, Is. 2; March 15, 1994. www.morpo.com.

About the Poet

Gary E. Walker, US poet and IT contractor at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. He resides in northern VA with his wife Rebecc. He has not actively kept pigs or any other livestock since approximately age 8. [DES-10/06]

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