Bunyan, John

England, (1628-1688)

Of the Fatted Swine

  1. Ah, Sirrah! I perceive thou art Corn-fed,
  2. With best of Hoggs-meat thou art pampered.
  3. Thou wallow’st in thy fat, up thou art stal’d,
  4. Art not as heretofore to Hogs-wash call’d.
  5. Thine Orts lean Pigs would leap at, might they have it.
  6. One may see by their whining how they crave it.
  7. But Hogg, why look’st so big? Why dost so flounce,
  8. So snort, and fling away, dost now renounce
  9. Subjection to thy Lord, ’cause he has fed thee?
  10. Thou art yet but a Hogg, of such he bred thee.
  11. Lay by thy snorting, do not look so big,
  12. What was thy Predecessor but a Pig.
  13. But come my gruntling, when thou art full fed,
  14. Forth to the Butchers Stall thou must be led.
  15. Then will an end be put unto thy snortings,
  16. Unto thy boarish Looks and hoggish Sportings;
  17. Then thy shrill crys will eccho in the air;
  18. Thus will my Pig for all his Greatness fare.
  20. Comparison.
  22. This Emblem shews, some men are in this life,
  23. Like full-fed Hogs prepared for the Knife.
  24. It likewise shews some can take no Reproof,
  25. More than the fatted Hogg, who stands aloof.
  26. Yea; that they never will for mercy cry,
  27. Till time is past, and they for sin must dye.

John Bunyan. A Book for Boys and Girls, or, Country Rhymes for Children, a reproduction of the first edition of 1686. London: Elliot Stock (1890).

Editor’s Note:

For another allegorical look at the nature and life style pigs as a lesson for man. See Barthélémy Aneau’s [link id=’9611′ text=’The Death of a Nuisance — Glad Tidings’] also in this collection.

About the Poet:

John Bunyan (1628-1688) was an English preacher and author of Christian allegorical fiction. Bunyan was one of the most popular religious writers in the English language and he is best known for his book The Pilgrim’s Progress. Though he was a Reformed Baptist, he is remembered in the Church of England with a Lesser Festival on August 30, and on the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church (US) on August 29. [DES-07/12]

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