Courtenay, John

England, (1738-1816)


  1. Naples, April 16th, 1793.
  3. HOW I love Naples, so frolic, and gay,
  4. Its skies are so bright, so delightful its bay…
  6. Here tribes of wise Lawyers in robes most decorus,
  7. Snap, wrange, and scold, and bawl in full chorus ;
  8. The client is beggar’d, the knave his cash gathers,
  9. So the fox eats the goose, leaves the farmer the feathers.
  10. ‘Tis said how a Pope, mov’d by pity divine,
  11. In a famine at Rome, sent to Naples for swine ;
  12. Thirty thousand at least, Marquis Carpio in hope
  13. To save such a herd, yet not anger the Pope,
  14. Devoutly reply’d—-Blessed Father I swear,
  15. In Lawyers I’ll pay you, the pigs I can’t spare.

The present state of the manners, arts, and politics, of France and Italy. London, 1794.

About the Poet

Right Hon. John Courtenay, M.P., England, (1738-1816) was a journalist and politician.

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