Coward, Noël

British, (1899-1973)

Any Part of Piggy

  1. Any part of the piggy
  2. Is quite alright with me.
  3. Ham from Westphalia, ham from Parma
  4. Ham as lean as the Dalai Lama
  5. Ham from Virginia, ham from York,
  6. Trotters, sausages, hot roast pork.
  7. Crackling crisp for my teeth to grind on
  8. Bacon with or without the rind on
  9. Though humanitarian
  10. I’m not a vegetarian.
  11. I’m neither a crank nor prude nor prig
  12. And though it may sound infra dig
  13. Any part of the darling pig
  14. Is perfectly fine by me.

© estate of Noël Coward
Not Yet the Dodo. Doubleday, 1968.

About the Poet

Sir Noël Coward (1899-1973), British playwright, composer, lyricist, producer, and actor. A truly versatile entertainer with, in his own words, “a talent to amuse.” Coward also wrote numerous songs, including the witty ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen.’

Throughout his career he was internationally recognized as the personification of wit and sophistication, and friends and colleagues called him “The Master.” He was knighted in 1970. [DES-6/03]

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