Simon, Émile

France, (1890-1976)

  • Émile Simon - Scène de marché à Pont Croix
  • Scène de marché à Pont-Croix

  • [Market scene in Pont Croix]
  • (ndg.), oil on panel
  • 74 x 116 cm. (29.1 x 45.7 in.)
  • Private collection

  • Émile Simon - Scène de marché à Pont-Croix
  • Scène de marché à Pont Croix

  • [Market scene in Pont Croix]
  • (1969), oil on canvas
  • Manoir du Squividan, Finistère

About the Artist:

Emile Joseph Jules Simon (1890-1976) was a French painter. He began his carreer drawing designs for Parisian jewelers, then moved to Cairo, Egypt for a teaching position. After service in WWI, Simon took a teaching job at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes where he met Madeleine Fié-Fieux, one of his students who would eventually become his patron.

Simon was inspired by the Breton landscape and people in their traditional and daily activities. He traveled the roads of Britain, seeking out and painting the landscapes, country life scenes, harbors, old streets and typical characters

In 1943, Simon moved to the mansion Squividan to Clohars-Fouesnant (Finistère) with the painter-artist Madeleine Fié-Fieux and her husband. Financially secure thanks to his Fié-Fieux friends, Émilie Simon did not sell any of his paintings, all stayed at Squividan until his death. The Manoir du Squividan is now a museum to the works on Simon and Madeleine Fié-Fieux. [DES-02/16]

Additional information:

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