the Arnold Ziffel Memorial Library

May this ediface help assuage the conflicts and questions that arise in your mind about pigs and humans. But also know one single well-spent hour in life, one toilsome deed fruitful for good, may well give better comfort than a whole pile of pig-skin-covered tomes.

the Porcine Oracle

Library at

Hungry minds find food for thought and food for the soul in books. We often turn to libraries for the books we need to nourish and satisfy our hunger. Within the library stacks lie dainties, delicacies, and daily bread.

A library’s presentation is systematically organized and displayed in enticing fashion. Librarians oversee the information and stand at the ready, just like the friendly pork butcher, indiscriminate and eager to serve all.

That being said, it is this editor’s devout hope that one day this library will grow to contain a veritable a pork butcher’s counter of the choicest mouthfuls and mindfuls… Information that will serve to aid both man and pig to better understand the essence of their humanity and their hogritude.

In the meantime, as the sketchy provender and staple food stuffs that are now here continue to accumulate, I must remind the hungry, both swine and swineherd, that while you may find sustenance here, and perhaps a muse, you may also encounter some problems if you try to turn the sausage back into the pig.

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